Food For Hair Growth – Eat To Make Your Hair Grow!

by mark on December 12, 2009

Before you start looking for food for hair growth you need to know that your hair is made from 95% protein. It does not take a lot to work out then if your hair is mainly proten that if you eat plenty of proteins and vitamins your hair will benefit.

Food for hair growth really does keep your hair healthy, shiny and most of all. Eating the right things keeps the hair on your head.

What do you need to stay healthy and fit?

#1 Since your hair is mainly protein getting plenty of protein in your diet is vital. A lack of protein can affect your hair and if this shortage continues can produce premature hair loss.

You can get proteins from lean meat, eggs, fish and other dairy products.

2. Do not eat too many dairy fats.

Dairy fat comes from meat and dairy products. You need a certain amount to stay healthy but over eating this can be bad too and your hair. A quarter of your daily intake should come from this. Dairy fat does not mean you are eating things that will make you fat!

3. Eat enough carbohydrates.

These give you both energy to get through the day and  make your hair grow.

Vegetables, rice fruits and potatoes are all sources of carbs and getting these in a balanced diet will help your hair to grow healthy and stay healthy.

4. Eat a balanced diet.

A balanced diet that helps one person is not balanced for another and it depends on your age health and how much exercise you get. A ten year old child and a forty year old adult have completely different needs as far as their diet and their hair is concerned.

Here are some further hair tips to help you grow your hair fast and keep it healthy.

#1 If you east fast food or junk food keep it to a minimum.

#2  Choose natural food over processed foods which are missing vital proteins and vitamins.

5.  Take supplements to compliment your diet. Either vitamin supplements or supplements specifically for growing healthy hair.

A healthy balanced diet is vital, but by itself is not enough to guarantee a full head of hair. Here is why.

#1 Processed foods remove the vitamins and proteins.

#2  The stress you are subject to every day can prevent your body processing your food properly.

#3 If you are on a diet it will affect the way your body absorbs nutrients and you may miss out on vital vitamins, such as biotin.

#4 Exercising and working out burns off some nutrients before your body can use them. This is why it is important to not just rely on your diet but to make sure you supplement this A balanced diet combined with vitamins will make all the difference.

food for hair growth will keep your hair the way you want it.

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    2 responses to “Food For Hair Growth – Eat To Make Your Hair Grow!”

    1. dwayne says:

      Are there any other foods that are good for hair growth and how long can you expect to wait to see results?

    2. charlotte says:

      There are plenty of foods that are good for your hair like fish and numerous fruits and vegetables that will make your hair grow healthier and faster. Most people do not see any results because they are not patient but if you pay attention you will notive dull and lifeless hair becomes shinier and bouncier quickly if you loook after it and even if you have started suffering from hair loss you will soon see a difference.
      you will find that the best thnig to do is not only look for foods for hair growth but to take supplements for your hair too and this is what really helped me.

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