Hair fall home remedies – Natural ways to prevent hair loss

by mark on December 28, 2010

hair growth home remedies

If you are losing hair fast you want a solution. There are plenty of chemical treatments available but many of these carry side effects. There are also lots of natural treatments that do work. If you want to try some hair fall home remedies though there are some you can try out to stop your hair loss.

#1  Castor oil is supposedly a good way to stop hair loss and make hair start growing. The idea behind it is to massage it into the scalp every evening and left on overnight.

Even though some people say this works in my opinion  it will not. massaging oil into the scalp does nothing to address the root of the problem and there  are no ingredients in castor oil that are proven to work.

#2 Coriander is another of the hair fall home remedies. to use this you need to extract the juice from it and apply it with aloe vera. This is then massaged into the scalp in a similar way to castor oil.

Some of the ingredients used in this method may have some effect and it is possible that this method may work to some degree but there is not enough feedback or evidence  to show just how effective it is.

#3  Dandruff may not seem like something that can cause of hair loss but left untreated it can lead to skin conditions on your scalp which can cause severe hair loss.

One hair loss home remedy for treating this is with fenugreek seeds. To use this solution put the seeds in water and then break them down until you can make a paste out of them. Once you have done this rub the paste into your scalp and leave it there for a few hours. Afterwards wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse it off.

This is an effective way of treating dandruff and can prevent it developing into something worse which can cause hair loss.

Another method that does not require putting anything in your scalp at all is the last one.

#4  Reduce stress. This is a major cause of hair loss in many people these days. One simple and very effective way of reducing stress is through exercise. This also has the bonus of keeping you fit as well.

If you are losing hair follow these simple hair fall home remedies or use natural treatments for hair loss that are very effective. Whatever method you choose the sooner you do something the quicker you can stop your hair falling out.

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