Hair Growth Remedies – Stop thinning hair now

by mark on January 3, 2011

Hair Growth remedies

If your hair is starting to thin or you are starting to notice bald spots or receding hair your first reaction is to panic. If you are a woman who is losing hair it is even worse. There are millions of people who find themselves in this situation and if you are looking for hair growth remedies there are some steps you can take.

Hair loss does not discriminate. It attacks both young and old and men and women. You can take steps though to stop it getting worse and do not have to accept you are going bald. The important thing to realise is you do not have to empty your bank account or pay for a hair transplant to prevent hair loss either. Many men and women avoid taking action because they think there is a big cost factor involved. This could not be further from the truth.

Your hair loss may be genetic, in which case you should concentrate on slowing it down or it may be down to something as simple as stress. In which case you cn not only stop it but reverse it too. In between those two are many other causes of hair loss and they can be treated with hair growth remedies.

If the reason your hair is thinning is not stress related take a look at your parents. If your father is bald that is an indication you will go bald. The same applies to men on your mothers side of the family.

If you are lucky and your hair loss is not genetic you can take the following steps to help you.

#1 Herbal remedies.

Instead of buying prescription remedies with side effects you can use natural ones. These work by attacking the root cause of hair loss which is DHT.

DHT is responsible for attacking your follicles. This causes them to shrink and eventually stop growing hair.. As this process speeds up the amount of hair that is growing decreases until you reach a critical point where you are losing more hair than is growing. When this happens your hair starts to visibly thin and bald spots will appear.

To prevent this you can use natural treatments that contain saw palmetto and other effective hair growth remedies. AnotherĀ  ingredient that is used is called nettle root extract. This also helps to prevent hair loss and can help you to grow thicker hair as well.

Reading this you are probably going to wonder where you are going to find all these ingredients. The good news is you do not have to. There are many treatments available that contain them already and if you are suffering from thinning hair or starting to go bald this is what you should be starting to use instead of risking your health with chemical treatments for hair loss that carry side effects.

If you are fed up with losing your hair and people making fun of you then natural hair growth remedies like the ones mentioned here are something you should look at to prevent hair loss.

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