Prevent Dry Hair – Stop Lifeless and Thinning Hair Now

by mark on November 15, 2010

Everyone is concerned about their hair. It Shapes your appearance and everyone dreads losing it. But your hair is a very good indicator of your health as well and looking after your hair also means looking after your heath too.

If you are sick, stressed out or ill this affects your hair too and sick hair means a sick body. This is why you should pay attention to it and look after it and prevent dry hair.

My hair is dry and limp.

If your hair is dry and limp there are several things which can cause this and stesp you can take to prevent dry hair.

#1 The water you wash your hair with. If you have recently moved you may find your hair is dull and dry and you have scalp issues. This can also happen if there are problems with your water supply, for example if there is too much chlorine in it.

Other causes for dry hair and a dry scalp which can eventually lead to hair loss are.

Using a hair dryer, hair dyes which can damage your hair and leave it dry and limp because of the damage the chemicals cause and swimming with water with a high chlorine content.

All these can result in poor, lifeless and dry hair.

There are other factors as well though which are more serious and why you should always look at what is happening with your hair.

Dry and lifeless hair coupled with hair loss or thinning can be caused by a thyroid problem. If you find you suddenly put on weight or are constantly tired this is a good indication of other health problems.

If you are sure this is not a health related issue then you need to take steps to improve your hair quality and get rid of dry and lifeless hair and if your hair is thinning as well you can take steps to prevent this.

#1 look closely at your water supply. If you suspect this is causing your hair problems you can change your shampoo to compensate for this. Get a good shampoo or a shampoo specifically for hair loss. Even if you only have dull and lifeless hair. This can prevent dry hair.

#2 If you swim a lot cover your hair while swimming. If you cannot do that ensure you wash your hair thoroughly after with a good shampoo.

#3 Avoid dyes and chemicals on your hair, unless you know what they are and how frequently it is safe to use them. Some chemicals can cause serious hair loss just by using them once a week instead of once a month, because of the chemical build up.

#4 If you have dry and lifeless hair avoid using a hair dryer until the issue is resolved. Otherwise this can aggravate the situation.

If you hair is dry and lifeless follow these steps to resolve this issue. If you have started losing hair as well consider taking supplements as well as following these other steps to protect your hair and prevent dry hair.

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