Scalp Massage to Prevent Hair Loss

by mark on August 20, 2010

Learn how to prevent male pattern hair loss.

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2 responses to “Scalp Massage to Prevent Hair Loss”

  1. concerned11 says:


    I used this drug for 6-months back in 2000 and suffered PERMANENT SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION!

    This nightmare has occured to many other men as well. Some of whom have since committed suicide as a result.

    Don’t believe the study-numbers being “pushed” by Merck. Those bastards lied right through their fucking teeth.

    If you have hairloss, just use an anti-dandruff shampoo and take high-dose -saw-palmetto.

  2. alternativehealth101 says:

    scalp massage only increases micro capillary perfusion you have to adres the hormonal aspects watch the video on the front of this pageand tell your colleagues becasue there on the right page but are msising some of this key information

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