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by mark on October 27, 2010

hairMax Laser Comb review

There are plenty of different types of treatment for hair loss from supplements to lifestyle changes and prescription medications with many side effects. Then there is the laser comb which promises to stop your loss. Does this work?

Laser treatment for hair loss is a pretty new type of treatment and one laser comb in particular that is being used by a lot of people is the hairmax laser comb and in this hairmax laser comb review we will look at this and discover if it really works.

This product is meant to increase the circulation in your scalp and by virtue of this will then encourage hair growth. This uses a specific technique called low level laser therapy to stimulate growth in the scalp. This method has been around for decades but has only recently reached everyone by reducing the size of the laser to fit into a comb.

The hairmax laser comb is one of the few hair loss treatments that have been FDA approved, but what about if it really works?

Here is what it is supposed to do.

#1 Increase blood flow to the follicle and increase hair growth.

#2  by increasing blood flow this is supposed to make your hair grow thicker.

#3 Is Supposed to increase the size of your hair follicles by increasing the blood flow.

How do you use it?

You are supposed to use  the hairmax laser comb on your scalp a few times a week for up to ten minutes at a time. It does not require any special use and you can even use it while watching television. This is far cheaper than having professional laser treatment that involves you taking time off work and will cost you an awful lot of money as well.

Unlike with treatment from a hair clinic you do not have to keep paying out hundreds of dollars every month when you pay once and that is it. You can even get this in your insurance if you are lucky enough to have the right type of cover but the question hairmax laser comb reviews is asking as well as countless other people is this. Does this work and is it worth the money?

Studies from the makers of this laser comb showed that  over 90% of users  found that it increased hair growth and hair thickness over a six month period. This is a good indication that this comb is effective and does work for many people.

This is one of the very few products that has been specifically approved for hair loss and was specifically approved for hair loss in men and for androgenetic alopecia. NBC dateline carried out  their own HairMax laser comb reviews as well and their volunteer used this for  six months. Over this time  they grew enough hair to convince them of the effectiveness of the laser comb.

The conclusion is that the laser comb does work for many people and even women have started using it as well. If you are losing hair and want to prevent hair loss the laser comb may work for you.

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