Procerin For Men Reviews – Does it really Work?

by mark on April 12, 2010

procerin reviews
In Procerin for men reviews you will see how it works by combining a topical solution for the scalp with an oral supplement to prevent hair loss. Like many other products this one takes a two pronged approach to attacking the root cause of thinning hair and baldness.

This system is aimed specifically at men who are suffering from hair loss and has no side effects unlike all those chemical treatments you may have used in the past. Is it effective though? The answer to this is yes as well.

Procerin Product Ingredients.

Procerin as you would expect contains natural ingredients that act to help prevent hair loss and block DHT from causing hair loss with proven natural ingredients in procerin for men reviews the following ingredients were labelled on the topical solution and tablets.
The ingredients in the topical solution you apply to your scalp are: saw palmetto. Nettle extract. Gamma linolenic acid. Grape seed extract and Azeliac acid. You apply this topical solution to your scalp twice a day and taken in combination with the procerin supplements or tablets it is very effective.
The procerin hair pills contain the following ingredients.

Saw palmetto. Nettle. Muria Puama. Magnesium. Gotu Kola. Zinc. Eleuthero Root. Vitamin B6 and Pumpkin Seed.

You need to take the procerin supplements twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

What Are The Side Effects?

There are no side effects unless you take the tablets on an empty stomach and then you can get the occasional stomach upset. Taking them when you eat a meal or breakfast prevents this.
The only side affect that has been reported with the topical solution you apply to the scalp is a mild skin irritation in men with sensitive skin which can be resolved by using the solution on you scalp once a day instead of twice a day.

How Effective is Procerin?

The opinion of procerin for men reviews is that men who suffer from male pattern baldness can get good results from procerin and people who have used both provillus and procerin claim to prefer procerin, even though provillus has been sohwn to be just as effective in many cases.

While Provillus has been shown to be effective with any age group Procerin appears to give the best results in the eighteen to 40 age group where people still have hair that is actively growing and it is this this group that the results are potent!

What are the negative points with Procerin?

Compared to provillus there is one small problem. It is missing one important ingredient which is minoxidil. This ingredient has proven to be very effective at stimulating hair growth and is one of the FDA approved ingrdeients for hair loss on the market. Because it is missing this I can only rank it lower than provillus but becuase of all the raving testimonials for it I still give it 4 out of five.

Procerin for men reviews

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