Provillus For Men Review

by mark on April 1, 2010

Provillus for men review

Provillus for men is not only a safe treatment it is probably one of the most effective and well known treatments as well. The question on everyone’s lips is does provillus really work? In this provillus for men review you will find out. Provillus has been shown time and again to stop hair loss in its tracks and prevent further loss of hair.

Provillus is almost unique amongst all the hair loss treatments by offering two distinct types of treatment. Provillus for men and Provillus for women. The reason for this is that each one is specially made to properly address men and womens hair loss instead of just a one-for-all solution that does not work properly for anyone at all.

What is in it?

Provillus comes in topical and oral form. The oral supplement contains herbs and other natural ingredients to prevent hair loss. The topical solution which you use on your head contains minoxidil which is an FDA approved ingredient.

Provillus oral supplement.

Provillus for Men supplement contains natural herbs and vitamins to block and stop the causes of hair loss including the following. Vitamin B, Magnesium, Saw Palmetto, Biotin and zinc.

The Provillus topical solution.

This contains minoxidil which is FDA approved as well as propylene glycol, purified water and alchol all of which work together to protect your hair and even reverse hair loss. All of these natural ingredients are proven to work and you know what the great thing is. There are no side effects.. While chemical treatments carry the risk of impotence and sexual dysfunction. There is none of that here.

How do you use Provillus?

You use a combination of the oral supplement and the topical solution that are supplied together. The topical solution you apply to your scalp twice a day. You also take one tablet or natural supplement twice a day as well and the results are so different from many other hair loss solutions. You know why? They really work.

How do these ingredients work?

One of the most important ingredients is minoxidil. This works by stopping DHT, which in turn produces testosterone from attacking your follicles. When this happens the follicle shrinks and gradually gets smaller until the hair falls out. By countering this you can see your hair becoming thicker and even areas where you were previously seeing hair loss can start to produce hair.

Remember minoxidil is a scientifically proven ingredient that works and unlike some other products that do nothing but empty your wallet it does work in provillus for men.

What about the supplement. How do those ingredients work?

The supplement contains the ingredient as stated above which are: covered below but you can find more details on hair growth vitamins.

# Biotin. This is THE hair growth vitamin. A shortage of this will produce drastic and fast hair loss and this is vital to keeping a healthy head of hair.

# Zinc also helps to keep your hair and skin healthy as well.

#  Saw palmetto is renowned for preventing DHT producing huge amounts of testosterone which in turn attacks your follicles and is a vital ingredient.

# Vitamin B6 along with other B class vitamins helps your hair to keep its colour and also helps with hair growth.

# Pumpkin seed extract. Helps hair growth by controlling testosterone levels.

What Are the Side effects?

There are no known Side effects with provillus for men. The only issue reported by a small minority of men is that there is a small bit of itching on the scalp but this soon passes and in no way interferes with the hair growth process.

How long does it take for provillus for men to work?

Under normal circumstances you can expect to start seeing results within two months. You do need to use it on a daily basis and it is no good taking it twice a week and expecting results. You need to follow the instructions.
Provillus for men review results.

Out of all the so called hair loss products on the market few work and provillus is one of the handful that has been shown to work. Should you buy it? Since it is effective and uses Minoxidil whch is approved you can be sure it is safe. And since Provillus for men offers you a money back guarantee if you find you do not like it you can get your money back. What have you got to lose? Nothing except your hair.

provillus for men review

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