Dry Shampoo For Your Hair

by mark on February 15, 2010

Different ways to wash your hair With Dry Shampoo

#1 Dry shampoo.

This is a spray or powder you put on your hair and this works by removing the oil and grease from your hair and giving it a “dry wash”.

It feels strange when you first use it and some people cannot get used to the thought of not washing their hair with water while others, especially those always in a hurry love it and all you need to do is to comb it out when you have finished.

#2 Non Rinse Shampoo.

This looks like a normal shampoo except for one difference…you do not need water to rinse it out afterwards. You just rub it into your hair like you would with a normal shampoo then instead of washing it out afterwards you just dry it out with a towel. It might take some getting used to but it does work and gives better results than a dry or powdered shampoo.  This does not give as good results as real shampoo though but if you are in a hurry this might be what you need.

#3 Conditioner shampoo.

Conditioner is used after shampooing…normally but in this case it is used to wash the hair. Many people do this but as anyone who looks after their hair will know, using conditioner by itself will not clean your hair properly and will leave it feeling unnatural! If you want to try this make sure you use a good conditioner but if you have any hair loss or scalp conditions this is not a good idea.

#3 No Shampoo

This is exactly what it says. Some people really do go without washing their hair. Your first thought might be “yuck” or how disgusting but what happens if you do this? Actually nothing much..Personally I woud not do this and I would not even like to think what my hair would look like after all the trouble I have gone too to try and keep it but here is an interesting article about people who went with no shampoo on their head .

If you have scalp condition or any problems with your hair none of these methods are any substitute for a real shampoo, especially a good hair loss shampoo that at the very least will leave your hair feeling better and looking healthier.

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