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by mark on December 17, 2009

A receding hairline and hair loss is caused by many things. Amongst them are the diet poor lifestyle, stress and other factors. One thing that people ignore is the shampoo that they use.

If you use a poor shampoo on your head it can contribute towards your hair loss and in some cases even start to accelerate it. Fast hair growth shampoo can prevent this.

One of the reasons for this is an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulphate or SLS. Medical studies have shown a link between this ingredient and hair loss.

This ingredient can irritate the scalp and inflame it leading to both dandruff and hair loss if the concentration is high and making sure the shampoo you use has a low concentration of  this ingredient to protect both your head and your hair.

Here are some tips for finding fast hair growth shampoo.

1. If your hair loss started to speed up or your scalp has become irritable with a change in shampoo this is a clear sign that your shampoo is to blame and that you should change it.

2.  Switch to a shampoo with a low concentration of SLS. A general rule of thumb is the more it lathers and burns your eyes the higher the concentration of SLS and the damage it is doing. Foamy shampoo might look nice but it can do serious damage.

3. Use a shampoo with a neutral pH. Ideally it should be between 5.5 and 9.5 as this is close to what your hair is.

4. Massage your scalp as you wash and shampoo your hair. This stimulates the circulation and if you use a good shampoo this will help prevent dandruff as well as looking after your scalp.

5. Do not use hot water on your scalp when washing your hair. This can damage the scalp and dry it out making it irritable and flaky.

Fast hair growth shampoo works by supplying your hair with the vitamins and proteins it needs to look healthy and by being gentle on your scalp. Many people who do not even suffer from hair loss use this type of shampoo as a preventive measure and by doing this stop hair loss before it begins.

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2 responses to “Fast Hair Growth Shampoo”

  1. joe says:

    can you tell me what is a good hair growth shampoo. I know you said to try specific things in shampoo to make your hair grow better and prevent hair loss but can you give some pointers as what types of shampoo will work instead of wasting time on shampoo that does nothing to help for hair loss .

  2. Raymond Bush says:

    thanks, informative read. i have been trying to deal with my gradual hair loss for quite a while. the best thing i have found so far was here with the great tips on how you can regrow hair without rogaine

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