Shampoo for Hair loss – What Should You Use For Hair Loss?

by mark on October 30, 2010

shampoo for hair loss

How shampoo additives damage your hair.

The biggest cause of premature hair loss in men and women can be found in your shampoo that you use. This is due in part to surfacants. What are these?

Surfacants are used to remove dirt from your scalp and clean your hair.They are used in soaps as well as shampoo. Now you know you shouldn’t use soap to wash your hair. Right.  When are the same additives used in soap and shampoo? Really they are not, or they should not be the same. Different levels of surfacants and from a different family are used in shampoo. They are there to clean your hair without damaging it.

The problem is that some types of shampoo do exactly that. Damage your hair becauuse of the additives used. To reverse balding you will need to replace your shampoo with a good shampoo for hair loss.

what shampoo additives should be avoided to avoid  balding?

Shampoo with a high concentration of surfacants or the wrong type should be avoided. If your shampoo is burning your eyes then it may need to be replaced. This is a good indiction that the type of surfacant is not the type you want on your head. Any shampoo with a Ph generally over 7 should not be used either.

Does shampoo contain sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) and can it damge my hair.

Yes, most do contain this,it has been shown to cause dermatitis. But only in high concentrations and this is the additive which causes your eyes to burn when you wash your hair. A high level is bad for your hair and your scalp.

What can I do to stop balding?

Change to a shampoo with low Ph. Generally between five and seven. Use a shampoo that nourishes your hair. A good supplement to shampoo is something called Saw palmetto. This can help stop the progression of hair loss.

which shampoo should I use?

I cannot recommend any make or brand of shampoo in particular but some are better than others.  Here is a good  hair loss shampoo. what you should look for is a shampoo with:

#1 A shampoo that causes little skin and eye irritation. low Ph between 5 and 7.

#2 With good additives like saw palmetto

It you follow these instructions you will go a long way to avoid balding and stopping any further hair loss wth a good hair loss shampoo that does not damage your hair or your scalp.

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