Basics Of Preventing Hair Loss

by mark on August 12, 2010

Losing hair has become a wordwide problem. There are many reasons for hair loss and this does not just affect men. It affects women as well. There are solutions for this though and can help you to prevent hair loss.

here are some simple tips that can help you prevent hair loss.

#1 When you are drying your hair with a towel take care not to rub your scalp too hard. drying your hair is one thnig but persistently rubbing your scalp hard as well can result in damage to the scalp and over time this can be a serious issue.

#2 Do not pull your hair. Many people get into the habit of wrapping their hairs around their fingers and just tugging on it or pulling it. This can turn into a habit and if you are not careful you can end up losing hair and damaging the follicles which will prevent your hair growing back in the same place again.

#3 Use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Shampoo is very important if you do not want to suffer form hair loss or lifeless hair. Just looking after your hair by using the right shampoo with the right pH can make a lot of difference to your hair.Shampoo contains soap and other chemicals to clean and wash your hair. Some shampoos use too much or are too strong and should be avoided.

#4 Avoid colouring, perming and using any chemical on your scalp where possible. If you must use something ensure it has a good reputation or even ask in a hair salon. Somre treatments, for example for straightening some types of hair can result in irreversible damage becuase of the chemicals after just a couple of treatments.

There is no need to go out and buy a wig becuase you have started noticing some hairloss.By following some simple tips you can stop and reverse some types of hair loss and by watching your siet and eating properly you can go a long way to prevent hair loss.

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