Hair Growth Vitamins- Do They Work?

by mark on December 3, 2009

Hair growth vitamins. Do work and the reason why they work is simple.  Hair is mainly protein and anyone who is losing hair needs to make sure they are getting enough vitamins and proteins in their diet.

Without this you are fighting a losing battle and the best thing you can do if you are not sure if what you are eating is giving you the right vitamins ,proteins and minerals is to take vitamin supplements, to grow thicker hair and stop losing it.

Even taking too much of one type of vitamin though can make your hair loss better, not worse and you need to strike a balance and stop losing hair.

Anyone who has gone on a crash diet will tell you that hair loss can be quick and dramatic and the internet is full of people asking how they can halt and reverse their hair loss after they have gone on a crash diet.

The answer is to get the right vitamins and proteins for your hair. This works for people who have crash dieted and lost their hair and will reverse the loss and will work for you.

What are  Hair Growth vitamins that work?

Lets go through them in order.

Vitamin A.

This is good for your skin and your hair and can prevent hair loss and circulation problem which lead to hair loss.

A word of warning though!

If you take too much vitamin A it can overload your body and cause more hair loss!

Vitamin B3 .

This is good for your circulation, hair and skin and like the rest of the vitamin B family otherwise known as B complex vitamins it is vital you do not suffer a shortage of this.

Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B12.

These are supposed to help to stop your hair turning grey amd perform a similar function to vitamin b3 by helping with blood circulation and other functions.

The last vitamin many people have heard of and is considered the best hair growth vitamin is Biotin.

Biotin prevents both loss of hair and hair turning grey and is called the hair loss vitamin for good reason. It is also supposed to promote hair growth and prevent hair breaking. This is why you find it in so many hair loss products.

Where can you get Hair Growth vitamins?

You can get them from your diet but trying to keep a list of what you are eating all the time can drive you crazy. However if you eat a balanced diet you will get most of the vitamins for hair growth and the proteins you need for your hair.

A bad diet means bad hair and a good diet means good hair. It is that simple. Even eating a balanced diet though is not always the answer as you can still lack certain vitamins and proteins.

This is why it is a good idea to take hair growth vitamins in supplement form to guarantee you get everything you need to keep your hair thick and healthy and its natural colour.

The way to do this is with a hair loss treatment that gives you what you need. click here now for hair growth vitamins that work

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  1. vitamins have the power to significantly improve your health, not just in terms of hair regrowth, but overall. Once you begin to regularly take vitamin supplements, you will notice positive health changes. You will not only feel better, but look better when taking vitamins for hair growth!

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