How to prevent hair loss

by mark on August 27, 2010

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brought to you by prevent hair loss

13 responses to “How to prevent hair loss”

  1. zardcat1111 says:

    @paulinbin360 *coughs* Stupid America has to keep on borrowing from the “stupid” Chinese. They have close to a trillion dollars worth of our bonds.

  2. midleground says:

    never trust asian stuff =)

  3. MrLanhai says:

    ya good video but check my videos too

  4. thins112 says:


  5. nobalding says:

    i do think that scalp massaging helps. it stimulates blood circulation and the hair follicles only benefit of the increased blood flow.

  6. paulinbin360 says:

    stupid chinese

  7. Singh778 says:

    @concerned11 thank u for the info mate !

  8. Miguels07 says:

    Yeh i heard propecia is a killer of sperm, damn!!

  9. AMARZX says:

    get rid of stress,eat all types of food ie increase the amount of food u eat and massage amala oil into ur hair trust me it wrks all asians use it

  10. bestodds says:

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  11. RapidCycling07 says:

    rubbish…i use propecia and havent had any side effects…98% of people dont get side effects jack ass

  12. concerned11 says:


    Many men have committed suicide after experiencing the PERMANENT AFTER-EFFECTS of ths drug!

    FINASTERIDE causes PERMANENT sexual dysfunction, edema, rosacea, fatigue, loss of motivation and depression.

    These after-effects are FUCKING PERMANENT!!!

    Their needs to be a FULL INVESTIGATION on how this drug got approved!

    If you have hairloss, just use an anti-dandruff shampoo and take high-dose saw-palmetto. And that’s it!

  13. There are numerous useful better options making using combos of remedies in a topical kind that might greatly increase hair growth. Waxing, in contrast to taking out, sits and opens skin pores with it’s warmness therefore will not increase hair growth simply because hair commonly do not really feel just like they’re to be ripped away from your pore. A totally different way to effectively increase hair growth is to be sure that you are getting an enough level of the proper vitamins and minerals.

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