Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Growth, Biotin, MSM

by mark on August 27, 2010

Bought to you by Prevent Hair Loss

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brought to you by prevent hair loss

6 responses to “Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Growth, Biotin, MSM”

  1. misstootsie123 says:

    @blissfullyme1980 dollar stores that sells vitamins is just like bootleggers who sell dvd. same movie. major difference in quality.

  2. blissfullyme1980 says:

    How do you feel about dollar tree vitamins? I notice that no one buys vitamins at Dollar tree but I noticed that some of the vitamins at dollar tree has the same ingrediants as the vitamins at a health food store or Cvs. I just would like an opinion on dollar tree vitamins because I want to buy vitamins at the health food store (which will be majority because Dollar Tree does not carry many vitamins)but for some I would rather go to Dollar tree.

  3. freestylee19 says:

    my hair grew crazy with Collagen
    you should try itt

  4. charmaine3000 says:

    I started getting breakouts with Biotin…I did some research and learned to decrease the dosage, take it with lots of water, and add B-complex with it.

  5. collinf123 says:

    Buy the powder and mix it with essential oils

  6. collinf123 says:

    I brought my msm today. I use it with lavender oil, rosemary, peppermint, jamaican castor,emu,jojoba, tea tree and almond oil.

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