Hair Growth Tips – Looking After Your Hair and Preventing Hair Loss

by mark on October 20, 2010

hair growth tips

prevent hair loss with hair growth tips

Why is your hair thinning? How fast can you make your hair grow and more importantly. What can you do about this? Are there any hair growth tips that will work?

There are a lot of reasons for this and quite a few things you can do to o reverse these effects. Here are the main things that directly affect your hair and how it grows and can ultimately prevent hair loss.

#1 Are you eating a healthy diet? You may think you are but if you are missing out on vital vitamins and minerals you can say bye-bye to your hair. If you are lucky your hair will lose its shine. If you are unlucky you will lose your hair as well.

#2 Hair growth does slow down over time. It does not mean it has to fall out though. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and take natural supplements for your hair you can prevent hair loss.

#3 If you are under a lot of stress at home or work this can cause a lot of hair loss. That is the bad news. The good news is you can help to reverse this and quickly by taking steps to remove the stress from your life.

# 4 If you are ill or sick or have been this can cause hair loss. By taking steps to reverse this you can possibly reverse your hair loss too with these hair growth tips.

There are steps you can take to make your hair as thick and as health as you want.

The hair growth cycle.

Hair grows in three phases and only one is where it really grows and it is this growth phase you need to take advantage of and maximise if you want to keep your hair thick and on you head. How Can you do this.

#1 Watch your diet.

By eating healthy food with the right vitamins and minerals you can help to prevent hair loss. Your hair grows from your follicles and it is this you need to keep healthy to make your hair grow and stop it thinning.  Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and make you are getting the right vitamins. If you do not your nails will become brittle and break and your hair will start  to suffer.

People who diet heavily notice hair loss and this is caused by a shortage of biotin amongst other vitamins and taking vitamins and supplements can reverse this.

Hair Growth tips to prevent hair loss.

Avoid the following to avoid losing your hair.

#1 Do not wear tight hair styles such as ponytails. They can pull the hair by the roots and damage the follicles.

#2 Avoid any colouring on your hair. If you want to do it get it done at a salon. Many home based kits contain chemicals that can cause damage to your scalp and hair.

#3  Use a good quality hair shampoo. Poor shampoo may look nice and foamy but the chemicals that produce this can cause damage to your scalp, dandruff and dry scalp and ultimately hair loss in some cases.

Eat healthier and look after your hair to prevent hair loss. Follow these hair growth tips and you will soon see the difference. If you are losing hair click here now to prevent hair loss for good.

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