Stop Balding – What You Need To Stop Hair Loss

by mark on April 2, 2010

stop balding

As you get older your hair starts to thin, hair thinning is natural as you grow older. In some people, nonetheless, hair loss is excessive and starts to produce not just thin hair, but also bare patches of scalp. Additionally, some men and women start to go bald long prior to  an age at which balding might be considered normal. Even teenagers can experience hair loss.

Heading for a bald scalp?

The best medication are available everywhere these days. there are so many you can try, beware though. All is not what it seems.

Here are two of the chemical treatments.


This is a steroid that slows hair loss and can be used on the scalp. Many people have success with Rogaine in slowing hair loss. The only problem and the problem with this is that it is a steroid and like all steroids it has side effects.

2. Propecia.

This is an oral solution for hair loss designed to treat male baldness. If you stop using this you hair loss will not just start again but will rapidly return to where it was before. This has side effects too and women who suspect they are pregnant or are are pregnant must not even handle these tablets.

Whats wrong with these? I dont know in case you noticed but they carry Side results and most people don’t know about them until it really is too late, this includes impotence and sexual dysfunction..No thanks.

Men and women everywhere are bothered and depressed by losing their hair and it is not a laughing matter. Once hair loss starts you either live with it and be the butt of endless jokes , shave all your hair off or do something about it and stop balding quickly.

So what else is there to stop balding. You will find a few natural treatments you can try including provillus procerin and ultra growth to name just a few.

These have the advantage of using organic ingredients and having no side affects at all. A lot of the best ones like provillus and propecia use FDA approved ingredients and offer a long cash back  period to prove their effectiveness.

In case you are losing hair and want to stop balding consider making use of one of these natural treatments to stop your hair loss for good.

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  1. derek Connaton says:

    Out of all those I have tried UltraGrowth and Provillus, and UltraGrowth worked awesome for me. I’ve been on it for 2 months and have had great visual results with solid regrowth. Just though I would let everyone else know…

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